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Welcome to TESLIFT Services designed for your events.


From the very beginning, we have designed our services to offer what we believe should be the next generation of transportation services, starting with transporting individuals to their favorite places in a very high-end luxurious and performant car while being ecologically responsible.

Whether it is to go to tonight's game, to chill out with your friends and meet people who share the same passion as you, extend your network, go with your closest friends to this new festival you heard about, we want to be there to offer you this best luxurious and eco-friendly service in town!

And for your special occasions like your wedding or graduation, we put at your disposal a real classy and sexy vehicle, the TESLA Model X.



When you book a TESLIFT Event Service, an all-electric 5-passagers luxurious car will come at your door to pick you up and take you to your destination in a superior comfort and style. By the way, our current special offer includes your way back for the same price, just let us when you want to leave.



On your way back, any of your friends who live within 3km from your home will be taken to their home as well on your behalf! Additionally, to show how customer-satisfaction driven we are, your third booking with us is on us! These are limited-time offers though so, don't miss out! 


This is our definition of luxurious, instant torque, technologically advanced car, comfortable, real classy,  and the last but not the least, eco-friendly transportation. Period.


Now, how to book? We selected for you the best popular events you like the most. Click on the tile that corresponds to the event you would like to be taken to. Then, just let our website assist you to book your trip. 


Welcome on board and have a pleasant journey with us!



After Hours
Party Event
Take You To The Airport
Business or Leisure travel
Girls' Night Out
Hockey Game
Sport Event
Go Support Your Team
Sport Event
Practice Your Golfing Skills
Sport Event
Wedding Party
Special Event
Cocktail Party
Congrats Graduates
Best Concert Ever
Go to Theater
Have Fun
Entertaining Event
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