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Ideal to inflate your car's tires on-demand. Small and reliable, this is all you need to hit the road with confidence! At TESLIFT, we use it for our fleet, so we know how saver it could be!

12 V Programmable Air Compressor With Light

SKU: 364215376135191
Color: Black

    • MotoMaster 12V Tire Air Compressor features a pre-set function with automatic shut-off once the desired pressure has been reached, this helps avoid damage to your tires
    • Inflate time: 3.5 minutes for standard tires
    • Includes 12' (3.6 m ) power cord, 22"(56 cm) air hose with metal chuck, and built-in accessory storage
    • Backlit digital display and built-in working light for visibility in the dark
    • Warning flashing light during emergency use
    • Reciprocating air compressor design
    • Maximum air pressure: 120 PSI
    • Draws approximately 8 amps
    • Exclusive to Canadian Tire
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