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Tesla semi truck revealed...and more!

This is it! Tesla has now extended its offer to the semi truck industry. From a single-car company, with the roadster to now a company producing 3 models and soon 5, Tesla is on track to maintain its success.

So, what makes this semi truck really different? First, it is all-electric - obviously with Tesla - which means no greenhouse gas emission. Given that our road transportation is the dominant mode of transportation for moving goods between Canada and the U.S ( and continuously increasing), It is not a bad thing at all. What else, you ask? Well, here are the specs:

0-100 km/ under 5 seconds; Range of 800 km at maximum weight and 100 km/h. Drag coefficient is as low as 0.36. Compare to other trucks, it kicks! 4 independent drivetrains on rear axles; Enhance autopilot is standard; Driver seats in the center of the car; minimum buttons thanks to dual touchscreen; front trunk; charging it takes about 30 mins for 640 km; Tesla's app available for real-time status and maintenance management; Tesla amor glass (windshield). Available 2019 (late).

So, what do you think? Will Tesla be as successful as it is with Model S and X ? Let us know in the comment section below.

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