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Tesla semi truck revealed...and more! (cont'd)

What a night! After he presented his vision of what would be the best replacement for our existing trucks, Elon Musk surprised his audience in unveiling the 2nd generation of his roadster! With no surprise, Tesla introduced a car that is unique and ahead of its time! Check it out for yourself: top speed is 402 km/h+; 0-100 km/h under 1.9 sec (prototype of the base model!) which makes it the 1st production car that reaches this speed under 2 seconds; Range is about 1000 km. Again the first all-electric car able to travel 1000 km with a single charge; All-wheel drive with its 3 motors (2 at the rear and 1 at the front); 4 seats (still need to be seen...); Removable roof. While the price has not been unclosed, it will be available in 2020. So, start saving!

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