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Jaguar I-PACE Coming Canada!

Among all Tesla competitors, there is one that seems more serious and innovative than the others...Jaguar.

We are living a very strange era. Automakers that you would think are outdated and are likely to die, resurface and offer more value than others (who said BMW, Audi, Porsche...?). In this caterogy of innovative automakers, you find Volvo and now Jaguar! While Volvo offered us in mid-2015 the XC90 T8, a plug-in hybrid SUV with a 23km (14mi) range, Jaguard opted for the all-electric configuration like Tesla! Finally, we have a premium brand ready to get in the game, finally!!!

So what Jaguar has hidden from us the whole time? huh? Well, the I-Pace is a mid-size 5-seat SUV. It has a 90kwh battery placed between the 2 axels that provided range for up to 384 km (240mi). It is propelled by 2 magnet synchronous electric motors that generate 394HP or allow 0-100km (60mi/h) within 4.8 secondes. Not bad! Not bad at all. of course, you have a series of options from leather seats with memory to blind spot assist, adaptative cruise control to adaptive dynamics, etc...

Now, the main question is "what's its price ?". Well, Jaguar confimed USD $69,500 so for us in north, we can reasonably assume something around CAD $84k. Which is not cheap.

Not compare to a big vehicule, with more luxurious options, the Tesla Model X, which starts at CAD $110k with similar range, well the Jaguard would be your cheapest option.

So what do you think? Would teh I-Pace be a success for Jaguard like the XC90 for Volvo? Let me know in the comment down below.

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